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    According to customer's process flow, customized and perfect solution Program. Then communicate with customers. determine The final proposal.
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Four Advantages

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  • Independent research and development

    Authoritative system certification, quality assurance

    The company is a production R&D enterprise that has obtained ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. The company continuously updates and upgrades the production equipment and product R&D technology, testing and other departments' equipment; In order to realize and improve the R&D and function of the customer's products.
  • Inexpensive

    Chromatography equipment source manufacturers

    Founded in 2012, the company specializes in the research, development, and production of chromatography-based, technology-based source manufacturers. The company has set up various departments such as production department, testing department, engineering research and development department, etc. The company also has many A modern production workshop, professional attitude and production, providing high quality silicon laminates for new and old customers Surgery system, packing column packing and other products.
  • Professional test

    Products passed the environmental testing report

    In order to ensure that the products produced by our company meet the customer's environmental requirements for the equipment, the company uses high Quality-environmentally-friendly raw materials, each producing the same product, have undergone professional laboratory tests, and the professional only You provide quality products.
  • brand power

    Customized service is always at your service

    The company attaches great importance to customer service issues, adhering to the "customer first, quality first" purpose , demonstrate the brand strength, provide customized services for each customer, the company has been adhering to the customer to On the concept of service, to provide customers with quality services, while excellent corporate reputation and quality The service returns old and new customers.

About Us

professional focus
      Jiangyin Chuangtong Laminate Equipment Co., Ltd. conforms to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, more domestically produced Chinese medicine products and biological products to international needs, and develops and produces a variety of chromatography column extraction equipment. The company is producing high-content plants for the use of chromatography columns. Extraction, biosynthesis Refined equipment manufacturers.
      The company specializes in the production of various column devices, and can provide small-scale production lines and small-scale laboratory columns for the research and development of new high-efficiency drugs and new-type high-quality health care products for universities and research institutes. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, health care products manufacturers provide each A large-scale production facility for chromatography, extraction, and drying.
      The company will continue to absorb advanced technology at home and abroad as long as the concept of technology and superb production technology. According to "CMP" standards and strict testing, strict management practices, suitable for a variety of customer requirements to produce excellent products. For our country's pharmaceutical products, health care products Industry to contribute to the international. View More
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